Helping improve efficiency

Helping prevent downtime

Specializing in Power Quality

In 2018, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary of supporting the Power Quality needs of a wide range of customers. All these customers shared the same basic goals; reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and reduce costly electrical repairs.

By first understanding the problem, we can apply the proper methods of improving their quality of power. By assuring the proper installation, we gain the required performance. And electrical power which is controlled and protected properly will be reliable, it will reduce downtime, and it will increase efficiency, and costly electrical repairs will be significantly reduced.

Custom Solutions

Our sales relationship with several manufacturers, as a Technical Reseller and or Manufacturer’s Representative, provides us an extensive engineering and manufacturing resource along with product service and support.

Our goal has been and still is, to provide the most effective solution to meet the individual client’s needs with consideration of both their budget and their urgency, and most importantly, to provide complete customer satisfaction. 

FREE Power Assessment

We offer free online power assessments for all customers which includes either an in person or virtual site walk through, mapping of electrical infrastructure capability, load calculation assistance, review of new UPS technologies, discussions regarding connectivity methods and more.

R.M. Stoof was founded on the principle of complete satisfaction. To this day, we do whatever is necessary to deliver the most effective solutions to meet a client’s individual needs.

Jim Stoof